Our story

Exceptional quality. Ethical production.

Ainslie Hutchinson’s search for a slower paced life lead her family to Byron Bay, and to her eponymous childrenswear line, aptly titled Daughter.

The new collection

The collection features trans-seasonal pieces designed with nostalgia and longevity in mind, meaning they’re made to look as good today as they will in years’ to come thanks to their high-quality fabrics, classic silhouettes and sustainable production processes.

We encourage families to participate in conscious consumption by investing in few but special, key pieces knowing that when they are outgrown they will be passed down to younger siblings for many more years of enjoyment.

Our Ethical Approach

We aim to create classic timeless pieces with simple silhouettes rather than passing trends and ensure the longevity of our clothing by using high quality, natural fabrics and manufacturing in an ethical and sustainable environment.